Sunday, December 12, 2010

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This is one of my favorite dance songs. I don't remember how I found it, I liked the name and squeezy paint tube. It was discovered shortly before I went to Denver to visit a few friends in late August. Me and Alex listened to it sooo much it was so fun. It was part of the soundtrack for the 38 hour road trip we (Alex, Derek of Mukee and Ryan to Salida and then Colorado Springs with a jaunt down to Pueblo.

Listed some new vintage in my etsy shop, flabbergastbanana,  today. My old pal Emily Blong of MyVelcroe stopped by before leaving LA for a hot minute, we went to Pearl Art Supply so she could get copper spraypaint for her snowboard 'cuz she's off to Montana tomorrow. She got copper and a periwinkle violet matte one. And she also modeled some recent New Year's Eve-ish vintage pieces that are going to go up rly soon.

Also working on some ACEOs, some are collage and some are painted. I like to make mine with rounded edges, out of cereal boxes.  They're the perfect weight and I collage over the outside and then coat the cardboard side with gesso and then paint on them
This is Viola Wills. Look at that style! I don't know who she is, I found this image on ebay, liked it, saved it.  Let's find out - oh - she was a disco diva! oh, let's look up a song! ok - 

oh man, this is so adorable. She is so shiny and groovy!

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