Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"holidays" are not over yet

New Years is next! what to do... don't know yet but maybe jumbo's clown room? haha
So today on etsy, someone put my item in a treasury
bustier which was included in the treasury..... 

If only I weren't burned out on the computer by the time I get home there would be lots of blog posts on all kinds of stuff. I've recently discovered some really rad artists on etsy.  I will just list a few of them here...it's  not like I have anyone who reads this blog except me anyway.
1. Osizuni - paintings/collages/mixed media
2. Velveeta Heartbreak - sickass drawings and paintings
3. Brandi Strickland - prints of awesome collages/mixed media pieces. so so so cooool
 picture from facehunter. I love this girls look SO MUCH
thats all. I will end this post with a soul train line dance. they make me feel JOY

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